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Nao ha adeptos como nos

(13kB) Yes! Because "noone has fans as we". That's why I am going to perform in here the football team Vitoria Club. I have never seen so fanatic fans who loves their club by all their heart. More... the art site of being addicted fan of Vitoria is not only signed by completly faith in the club but also by their gentlemanly behaviour. There is one perfect adjective about them... unique! Not without any reason we say: somos unicos! I confess I has become one of them. Everyone of us- Vitorianos- only can understand what means fully love own club even till the pain.

Temos orgulho em dizer - somos Vitoria ate morrer
Vitoria Sport Clube - portuguese sport club has been established in 1922 in Guimaraes. The club includes football, volleyball, basketball, beach football teams, swimming, waterball, kickboxing, judo and athletic sections.
Despite the fact, Vitoria de Guimaraes have never won the Portuguese Football Championship or the Portuguese Football Cup, it is one of the most respected club in Portugal. In 2005/2006 season, the team was relegated to second league. Unforgettable date bacame 13th May when Vitoria with supporting fans in season 2006/2007 has advanced to first league. One year later 11th May 2008, Vitoria achieved unexpected score- the promotion as 3rd place and guarantee them a place in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions' League! How amazing were these days for all of Vitorianos... see here. They played with F.C. Basel. Unfortunately Basel progressed winning 2:1 on aggrigate.
Que saudades...

Big proud of everyone of Vitorianos... also for Poland! Who? Marek SagNOWski - a spectacular player of Vitoria in 2005/2006 season. He scored 12 goals for Vitoria!!! Watch here his fantastic hat-trick in match against Vitoria Setubal... ahh... let me to leave it without any comment. "Sagan" - come back to Vitoria - we miss you!!!

Simplesmente o melhor estadio
(9kB) Vitoria Sport Clube plays at D. Afonso Henriques Stadium, one of the host stadiums of Euro 2004. The stadium seats 29,865 people. Imagine... after the Benfica, F.C. Porto and Sporting, Vitoria is the club which attracts most supporters to the stadium, with average attendances of 20,000 per game!!! Vitoria usually has a higher average than all the other clubs, even when the club played in the second division. It is the proof of completly crazy fans. See stadiumhere.