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Hello, my nickname is Caixinha. It was taken from my lovely portuguese friends, who prefer call me on this way. My true name Kasia is just difficult to express for them. I am from Po... Poland. And I live there also. Portugal is my second homeland on real and in my heart. I created this website just to show to everyone of my friends all over the world how amazing life I have in Portugal.

Ate morrer (eng: till the die) - by this expression I am used to describe my feelings to my portuguese sister - Maria Joao. Joaozinha - if not you, my life would not be so colourful as it is. This website is just dedicated for you. Let me to say it just now - THANK YOU for all what you have made, are making and hope that you will never forget about your little sister. I want to be your friend and I need you as my friend.
Beijinhos querida. Sempre juntas. Ate morrer. Saudades tuas e amo-te sempre para sempre.

Thanks also for people who helped, supported me and I have never lost trust in them:
  1. Pes - he was the first of onces, who discovered my heart.
  2. Ola - I dont know how, but you always know what is the best for me. Always! Polish sis, do you have the key to my spirit?
  3. Agata - who can be proud of longer friendship? How many years? Let me see... when we were 3 years old. Thanks God, I could have true friend when I was a non-mental child.
  4. Lipinha - sister, without her Guimaraes would not be the same.
  5. Francis - Although you are in Barcelona, I remember about you, my next portuguese sis, everywhere.
  6. Familia Pinto de Oliveira - Just... It is more than lucky to have portuguese parents.
  7. Manuel - because Cotinha... I just trust you ;-)
  8. ... Malgorzata and Pawel - becuase I would not be in here, if you had not been married both!!!
  9. All people from Guimaraes - os Vimaranenses
  10. Pequeno sobre mim:
    I am not going to write who I am, who I am not. My life has started at Koscian - small town near Poznan. When my eyes saw the city in North Portugal, I have discovered that my spirit belongs just to Guimaraes. So don't be surprised, when I say: I was born at Koscian and Guimaraes.
    Keywords which describe me: extreme sports, football, running, tennis, physiotherapy, Portugal.