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(20kB) Guimaraes (41o28'N 8o24'W) - is a city and municipality in northwestern Portugal in the province of Minho. In the 9th century, Vimara Peres was able to expel the Moors and founded a fortified town under his own name Vimaranis (of Vimar) which later became Guimaranis, present day Guimaraes. The city is referred to as the birthplace of the Portuguese nationality and also was the birthplace of Afonso I of Portugal, the first Portuguese king. Nowadays- the greatest icon of Guimaraes. Everyone, who loves Guimaraes, says about him with pride. The historic town has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the examples of architecture ranging from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

Guimaraes as my pearl...
I would like to recommend the movie made by Jose Manuel Pedrosa. It is so excellent... everytime I watch it, I realise how much I am proud, I have been to Guimaraes. Watch here
My the most amazing eyecatcher places:
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Penha - (617m.a.s.) above Guimaraes, reached by a lovely mountain road, is a rocky height with a pilgrimage church and a statue of Pope Pius IX. There are the most wonderful views for all Guimaraes. On a clear day is visible the Atlantic Ocean. For me this place gives me the imagination of heaven.

(click to gallery) Largo da Oliveira - the snobbieshest place which I have known. Named after the old olive tree in the middle of square. The Medieval bar is the place where me and my friends are used to warm up before every party. Nice service stuff, good drinks, fantastic surrounded, special place during all year. The impressive square in the heart of the old town, has been particularly successful in managing to retain its medieval aspect. There is the unique church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira and famous, wonderful building with arches. Adjoining the church the Museum Alberto Sampaio has some beautiful exhibits.

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Largo do Toural - is a nice square located in the city centre of Guimaraes. Considered to be the heart of the city. In the middle is placed a marvelous fountain. Just in this place thousands fans of Vitoria are used to gather and celebrate the most spectacular sport events.

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Paco dos Duques de Braganca - was built in 15th century. Today it is classified as a National Monument -1910- and has in its structure, a museum and the main facade in the 2nd floor is destined to the Official Residence for the Presidency of the Republic. There is a famous statue of king Afonso Henriques in front of palace.

(click to gallery) Igreja dos Santos Passos - twin towered baroque church of the Santos Passos from 18th century, richly decorated with azulejos and sculpture showing Italian influence on the facade. In front of the church, there is a beautiful square full of garden. Especially at night, there is unique view on wonderful lighted church and behind of it - Penha.