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The genesis of my falling in love to Guimaraes
A lot of people, a lot of my friends still ask me, what had happened that I have got so crazy about the city, about the football club. It was one of the main reason to create the website, just to explain everyone the details about this excellent part of my life.

5th April 2009: Magic 1922
(click) Amazing season for Lech Poznan, a little bit worst for Vitoria. But we are going ahead together, supporting each others. It was a high time to see Ivan Djurdjevic in action, during the match against Wisla Krakow and I have to confess that I could not stop staring from him. I saw in him the spirit of Vitoria. It is wonderful, Vitoria's explayer, nowadays represent the greatest polish team - KKS Lech Poznan with a proud. Read more here.
17th December 2008
Lech Poznan is my the favourite football team in Poland... but not in the world... Vitoria is the best in the world! The hero of the match Lech Poznan - Feyenoord Rotterdam, Ivan Djurdjevic is... explayer of Vitoria Guimaraes! Isn't it the destiny? See how beautiful he said about Lech's and Vitoria's fans. More here
28th November -1st December 2008
(see foto)
Vitoria, Nicolinas, Largo de Oliveira, snobbish party... just brilliant PINHEIRO and next one unforgettable time with my portuguese family!!! That time I also answered: "Sim, contigo Vitoria... ate morrer."

18th November 2008

An article on VitoriaSempre.net:
"The story about one vitoriana... polish". Read here.

14th November 2008

My black C2 has joined to Vitoria. Everywhere is with black and white scarf!

5th October 2008
(5kB) Vitoria force gives me more power, Vitoria force adds me more self-confidence. I have jumped on the highest bungee jump... 220m in Switzerland, Verzasca Dam. Why am I writing about it? Because Vitoria was inside of me... Jumping with Vitoria scarf! If to die, just die with Vitoria! Temos orgulho em dizer, somos Vitoria ate morrer! More you can watch here.

2nd October 2008
On my 24th birthday I have got the next one scarf - this time unique scarf of Vitoria with... Wisla Krakow in one. Thanks JM!

7-15th May 2008
(12kB) After many troubles and doubts... lucky, funny and one of the best holidays... just in Guimaraes! Once again in Guimaraes, once again surprise... tickets from JM for a match of Vitoria Guimaraes against Estrela Amadora! That day I have heard from my Sister: "Olha..., how much people can love their town. Just Vimaranenses". I felt that I am also one of them. Later... wonderful time at the Stadium de Alfonso Henriques. Amazing score... winning in perfect style 4:0. And the most tear-touching moment that day... to hear again VITORIA ATE MORRER by thousands, completly addicted fans of Vitoria on Toural! This time on Toural I was completly with all my heart dedicated for Vitoria. Vitoria almost got the chance to play in Champions League. One more time I was so lucky to share the most beautiful achievement of Vitoria! Thanks God for these days!
17-21th Abril 2008
(15kB) Noone could believe, noone wanted to believe... The one and real Vitoriana in Poland, in my city, on my final study party and on the celebrity of my graduation of study. Just my Sister came to Poland! Once again surprise... I connected to the owners of VITORIA SCARF!!! Amazing time together day by day... gallery

31th October 2007
Once again in Portugal, once again surprise... For my birthday, from my Sister I HAVE GOT OFFICIAL T-SHIRT OF VITORIA GUIMARAES written at back CAIXINHA!!! I connected to great family of Vitoria!!!

5th July 2007
I came to Guimaraes again for a dinner with my Portuguese family. After getting more and more informations about the city, after knowing more and more all members of my portuguese family I got more crazy about Guimaraes and people who live there...

13th May 2007
(5kB) That day, Guimaraes put my heart on fire. I went here with Pes to see my Sister - M. Joao before my leaving to Poland. I remember quite good, when she showed me a famous wall "Aqui nasceu Portugal". I had seen it first time. I could know a little bit more about the history of Guimaraes :-). I also have seen one of the most georgeus mediaeval street as Rua da Santa Maria or Rua da Rainha D. Maria III. 13th May - unforgettable date... Vitoria SC won 2:0 against Gondomar. I dont know how... but in the afternoon M. Joao leaded me in Toural Place. When I saw thousands people gathered in one place screaming VITORIA ATE MORRER, I just got doubts, if it possible to have so fantastic fans. They awaked my big impression to all of them. ON 13TH MAY VITORIA ADVANCED TO FIRST PORTUGUESE LEAGUE!!! I was so... lucky to be at that time on Toural. Just impossible to describe my astonishment on Toural. Really! gallery
11th March 2007
(10kB) I had an opportunity to study in Portugal as Erasmus student. On that day I went to Guimaraes. The main purpose was sightseeing areas of North Portugal. I came to Guimaraes, directly from Braga. (Yes, from Marocco!!!). I was so disappointed after walking through the Braga. The city is completly surrounded by many, many churches... Just PPP (Pen..,Pu..,Pad..). In the afternoon, when me and my friends got to Guimaraes, we felt a big relief. A normal city, a fantastic lift to Penha, wonderful lighted town at night. A few days later, Guimaraes prooved me that it was not only usual city...